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Langley Chiropractor Dr. Alan Irving

Dr. Alan Irving, Langley Chiropractor

Dr. Alan Irving,
Langley Chiropractor

“I was surprised how quickly chiropractic helped..”

Chiropractic’s Hands-on Healing Helped Me

Dr. Irving first saw a chiropractor when he was in his teens for a work-related injury. “I was surprised how quickly it helped me get out of pain and correct my problem.

While attending university, his first choice was to actually go into dentistry. Dr. Irving visited both dental and chiropractic offices to keep his options open. “I quickly found that at the chiropractic office, people coming into the office in pain and walking out satisfied was far better than how they felt when leaving the dentist’s office!”

Education and Qualifications

Dr. Irving is a duly qualified chiropractic practitioner licensed to practice in the province of British Columbia. He graduated as a chiropractor from Western States Chiropractic College in September 1991.

“I constantly want to do better for my patients.”

To give his patients the best results, Dr. Irving is extensively trained in several areas:

  • Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitative Specialist degree
  • SpineCor certification
  • ScolioBrace training
  • Custom Orthotic dispenser

We’re one of only a few practitioners in Canada that offer SpineCor and ScolioBracing, and have many patients that drive from other provinces or fly in to see us and receive specialized care.

Quality Care in a Fun Environment

‘’I love the fun environment that sets our office apart from others.”

As the owner and director of Langley Sports & Rehabilitation one of Dr. Irving’s goal is provide the best care in a relaxing and fun environment.

“Our emphasis is on spinal rehabilitation and postural correction. Over the past twenty years I have examined, treated and rehabilitated approximately six hundred patients who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions.”

Regardless of your health or condition, we offer specialized care for your unique needs.

An Active Family Life

Dr. Irving and his spouse have two boys and enjoy spending their spare time in the outdoors, whether it’s ATV’ing, camping, fishing, or boating. They’re involved in their boys’ sports teams, including lacrosse and hockey. Together, they try to make sure their minds are healthy and they give their bodies what they need. For the best results, they eat nutritiously, have fun exercising, and ensure the health of their nervous system through regular chiropractic care.

“I’d love to discuss all the health benefits chiropractic care can bring to you and your family. Call us today!” (604) 888-1533