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Adult Treatment

While in most cases of spinal deformity it is possible to correct or stabilize a patient’s curvature before skeletal maturity is reached, the therapeutic goals of the SpineCor® treatment are very different for adults. Adults and seniors can expect the SpineCor®  treatment to benefit them in three different ways by:

  • Improving overall posture
  • Slowing or stopping curve progression due to aging
  • Providing pain relief

Neuromuscular Integration: Relief and Prevention

As with childhood and adolescent treatment, the therapeutic approach of adult treatment using the SpineCor® brace is based on the application of Corrective Movement® to the spine via the brace’s elastic bands. By reinforcing the spinal column’s supporting muscular structure, the brace reduces abnormal pressure on the joints, providing significant pain reduction. This re-education of muscle tissue also helps prevent compression of the vital organs, as well as degeneration of the spinal joints (osteoarthritis), the leading cause of joint instability.

Adult scoliosis treatment and results

Preliminary clinical trials on adults suffering from scoliosis have shown that wearing the SpineCor® brace improves overall posture and stops the curve’s progression, thus resulting in significant pain relief

The results of research conducted on a group of 30 patients aged between 18 and 69 demonstrate an average pain reduction of 77% (6). When the treatment started, average pain perception rated 5 on a scale of 10** and gradually diminished to 1/10 after 18–20 months of wearing the SpineCor® brace(6). These findings are corroborated by another study which puts pain reduction at 70% (13).

These preliminary results are extremely encouraging, allowing us to conclude that SpineCor® treatment is a safe and effective front-line solution for treating adult scoliosis. A revolutionary treatment if there ever was one—nothing else compares to it—either in terms of methodology OR proven results!

Treatment of adult scoliosis has in fact traditionally often been unpleasant. Surgery entails risk of severe neurological complications and medication often causes unpleasant side effects that can be dangerous to long-term health. For these reasons, they should not be considered except as a last resort. And while other conventional treatments such as chiropractic, osteopathic and massage therapy, to name only a few, can offer patients relief, their effects are often limited or temporary.

When should the SpineCor® brace be recommended to adults?

Scientific research shows that scoliosis tends to progress at a rate of 1 to 4° per year in adults with a Cobb angle of 30° and over. When scoliosis of such magnitude is diagnosed in an adult, the SpineCor® brace is recommended.

Not only will the support of the brace slow or even stop the scoliosis curve progression, the patient will also experience relief from pain associated with his or her condition and will benefit from improved overall posture, which is key to long-term health.