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Meridian Assessment

What is Meridian Assessment?

Meridian assessment-toolOriginally developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany, this means of assessment registers the relative conductance of a given set of acupuncture points, by way of introducing a very low voltage current to the system and registering its response at different points and against different foreign substance signature. Most individuals can not feel such a low level of electricity whatsoever and find the test completely painless. The resulting evaluation provides an in-depth, line by line view of how different meridians and associated tissues of the body are handling energy and registering response.

What is the value of Meridian Assessment?

The energetic state eventually becomes the material state. Meridian Assessment gives the ability to analyze the energetic state from a root, causal, standpoint and in many cases to act before the energetic predisposition becomes physical. It also provides the ability to profile, image and track the response of the independent parts of the system and the system as a whole, over time. Having a metric to speak directly to how the human system is handing energy and responding to various signatures has become an invaluable resource.

Why is it important to have your Meridian Assessment performed by someone with exceptional qualifications?

Master craftsmen, like master technicians, come to their abilities, by way of many years of practice and vast amounts of experience, that cannot be otherwise acquired. Being thoroughly versed in all theory and technique, it is then the years of application that reveal the true strength of the craft.

Meridian Assessment relies on exactly this level of mastery, as well as a database of every signature that may show a helpful or harmful meridian response. Todd has provided Meridian Assessment services for more than twenty years to thousands of individuals of all ages and trained dozens of technicians. His databases represent the most extensive and sophisticated signature libraries now known.

  • When is having a Meridian Assessment most helpful?
  • When we want a “snapshot” of our energetic system profiled, for current as well as future comparative analysis
  • When there is a lingering condition creating unresolved, ongoing or intermittent, disturbance
  • As part of a preconception evaluation and preparedness plan
  • When mood disturbance is an issue or challenge
  • Where there is a glandular or hormonal disturbance
  • Before consenting to intrusive or potentially harmful therapies
  • To provide a viewpoint on conditions that have otherwise evaded treatment
  • Whenever you’ve felt off for more than a few weeks or things have reached an energetic low plateau
  • When your energy level is a concern
  • As part of the well-informed care of ourselves and our children

Our practitioner Todd Merrell offers Meridian Assessments. Click here to read more about him and his services.


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