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Meet the Staff

We welcome you to Langley Sports & Rehabilitation. We have a team of friendly and caring people to help make your care fun, relaxing and unique. Meet our team and then give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

Kerry Williams | Office Manager/Owner

Kerry is involved with everything in our office, from front desk administration duties to helping with therapies and scanning our patients for orthotics.

Kerry has been working at Langley Sports & Rehab since September 2001. She is an outgoing and energetic individual who enjoys helping people. Of the variety of tasks at the office, she finds engaging and interacting with the patients most rewarding. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, ATV’ing, and camping with her family and friends and with her spouse, Dr. Irving in loving memory.

Charlotte Butcher | Front Desk Administration

Charlotte has been with Langley Sports and Rehab for 8 years and thoroughly enjoys working with all the practitioners and staff. The office work coupled with the interaction with the patients makes chiropractic care ideal for her. To see the wonderful results that patients have after a few office visits with Dr. Reid is very heart warming and up lifting for Charlotte.

Charlotte enjoys baking, water aerobics, traveling to warm places and spending time with her family and friends.

Nakkita Quiring

Currently On Maternity Leave.


Sarah is the newest staff member of the Langley Sports & Rehabilitation team and has been a patient for the past eight years. Sarah has always been dedicated to people’s health and has used the last 31 years as a dental hygienist to provide gentle, meticulous care and to help guide her patients to achieve maximum oral health. She is excited to continue to be able to help people achieve their optimal physical health through this different avenue and is proud of how the clinic provides the best care to its clients.

Sarah believes that being in top health is of the upmost importance as she enjoys hiking, biking, camping and skiing in her spare time. She enjoys spending time with her friends and her family consisting of her husband, her two grown daughters, and her furry friend, a brown Flat Coat Retriever.

Our team is ready to help you back to health. Are you ready to feel great? Call us today! (604) 888-1533