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Langley Sports & Rehabilitation Reviews

What Our Langley Patients Say

quoteAt Langley Sports & Rehabilitation we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Excellent, professional, thorough

I recently changed my appointment time for massage from 1 hour to 2 hours. I feel the benefit of this is worth the change.  It allows Dale to revisit the problem area more than once and therefore work out the muscle tension.  The extra time also allows other areas of the body affected by the problem area to be treated.

~ Arlana Powell
From: Chilliwack, BC

My back is feeling better than it has in years

Having a massage in advance improves my ability to be adjusted. My back is feeling better than it has in many years. I have also gained some of the range of motion that I have lost over the years.

Alan Spetch
Langley, BC

Highly recommend

Dale is very skilled and professional. I am very pleased with ongoing results of regular massage services. I would highly recommend that both treatments be combined for best results. Massage services greatly enhances chiropractic treatment.

Mike Pettipas
Abbotsford, BC

Better sleep and greater work performance

Great Session! I feel more relaxed and an overall higher energy level in my muscles. Since I started seeing Dale for Massages I have found an increase in overall flexibility, better sleep and greater work performance. THANK YOU!

Joshua Pink
Langley, BC

Dale is so willing to help me

So glad you have Dale working with you. He’s so willing to work with me and help me. He explains what is happening to allow learning.

Barb Luck
Langley, BC

Thoroughly Impressed

I have been thoroughly impressed by Dale’s care and suggestions on dealing with ongoing muscular back issues arising from past accidents and ongoing work schedules. Dale has always been very informative and caring with all treatments I have received from him – Thank you Dale!

Erick Furda
Surrey, BC

Always feel 150% better after a session with Dale

I have been going to massage for many years (close to 30) and Dale has got to be the best! He listens to any issues I have plus always finds other areas I didn’t know were hurting. Always feel 150% better after a session with him. I highly recommend seeing him!

Tanya Strand
Surrey, BC

My Story

“For many years, I have had chronic pain in my back and spine. I have been to many specialists and therapists and have had x-rays. Doctors, Professionals and Therapists said there was nothing they could do for me. Then I met my Massage Therapist, Chonna. I told her where approximately my pain was. She found the exact spot that was sore.Chonna gave me a few treatments that did help, but she recommended that I needed a deeper treatment. She suggested Dr. Irving. The day I went to Dr. Irving’s office, I was in extreme pain.

Most of his patients need x-rays, but he could tell without even touching me where I hurt. He did some of his treatment and I truly left feeling much better. Now I go to him every two weeks and I am amazed how the treatments help me. Dr. Irving and his staff are very professional and compassionate. I will go to him for as long as it takes. The treatments really help. I don’t think anybody has to live with pain if it can be relieved.”

Evelyn W.

Many Thanks, Langley Sports & Rehabilitation!

I see Dale prior to any visits with Dr. Irving; I find the massage excellent treatment to “limber” me up for easier adjustments. Dale has a routine treatment which is therapeutic as well as relaxing. Any special requests are addressed in conjunction with the deep massage which I need. Many thanks Langley Sports!

Joe Birner
Langley, BC

Knowledge, Friendliness and Compassion

I felt comfortable seeing Dr. Irving. Recognizing the severity of the back problem treatment was started immediately, on the first visit. Kerry in the front office was friendly, very efficient and compassionate. Knowledge, Friendliness and Compassion are the trademark of the Langley Sports and Rehabilitation Centre.

Wish I Knew About Dr. Irving Sooner!

I wish I knew about Dr. Irving sooner! Dr. Irving is an excellent communicator, explained my symptoms in a concise manner which was easily understood and the treatment plan to correct the issues. As a past medical professional myself, I appreciate his humor and excellent degree of knowledge about not only spinal conditions, but also other musculoskeletal ailments. Thank you Dr. Irving!

Very happy with the results

I have been experiencing a steady “pinched nerve” like pain in my left leg that radiates to my ankle for the last couple of months.  I have taken muscle relaxants and pain killers to help with the pain.  A friend of mine encouraged me to try Dr. Irving.  I had not seen a chiropractor for over 18 years so I was having my doubts that it would help.  On my first visit it was a very thorough exam and assessment that Dr. Irving did and he used x-ray as well to assess to see what was going on with my spine.  The doctor recommended spinal decompression instead of chiropractic after he had reviewed my x-rays and assessed me.  I was on the spinal decompression table for only a few visits when the pain seemed to decrease.  I was very happy with the results that I was having.  My wife has scoliosis and also sees a chiropractor which seems to help her.  I would recommend to others who are suffering and are in pain that they need to seek chiropractic help as well. I am very excited that I tried chiropractic again as it gave me the results that I wanted!

Finally something that is working for me!

I have had extreme pain and cramping in my lower back all the way to my feet for over 30 years. There were times that I could not put any weight on my heels for weeks because of the extreme pain. I have tried different chiropractors, massage therapists and exercising and nothing seemed to be helping. If I did not find something soon I would have been in a wheelchair in less that a year. I was only able to walk 3 – 5 blocks at a time and then would have excruciating pain in my back.

I heard about Dr. Irving through a friend and was told to try him out. I was very skeptical and had many doubts if he would be able to help me. My first impression of Dr. Irving was that he seemed very nice but was a little too enthusiastic. This is were I thought this was not right for me – once again! Once I went over my x-rays with Dr. Irving and he explained my unique situation to me I felt he was very sincere and confident in his work. I started care immediately with the Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy along with stretches, exercises and adjustments that Dr. Irving gave me. I noticed results after the third or fourth visit. I was very impressed! Finally something that is working for me!

I have now completed 30 visits and am able to walk comfortably for 2.5 miles two times per day and am 3/4″ taller than I have ever been! I would definitely recommend Dr. Irving to everyone who is experiencing back pain and have tried everything else.

My thank you is from my heart

The day I met you my neck would not move, my shoulder was stuck and as hard as a hockey puck. My back was really stiff and mentally I needed a lift. My head was crooked, my neighbor was wicked, my hands, arm and leg were numb and I couldn’t run. You took the time to listen, and you made my eyes glisten, your funny humor helped the pain in my femur. You gave me education instead of drug and medication. I didn’t need drugs. I needed safe hugs. Your positive ways help to scare the negative ones away  When people would attack I knew you had my back. You made me feel safe and that helped me relax, then you could easily adjust my back. You helped me with my son “The Greatest Gift You Can Give Anyone.” Your constant support is what I appreciate the most. My thank you is from my heart and what you have done will help me make a new start.

Thanks to you I’m back to winning medals!

Dr. Irving and Kerry,

I want to thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams, thanks to you I dusted off my skates after a 25 year hiatus. I completed my three Gold medals in figure skating when I was 21, taught until I had kids, then only skated casually with them. The house was so empty when they left and I got ready to get old, my body too. When I came in to you you said nothing ages you like your posture, so I began doing the prescribed exercises and lying on my wedge everyday. I started to skate again. Last fall I began to train for the Western Regional Adult Competition, what a great feeling to have something to work towards. I continued to come in and get treatments, you both kept encouraging me, and I thank you for that. It was such a blast competing and even more fun winning the Silver. The next competition was three weeks later and I won the Gold.  Next year we are planning a trip to Germany to compete in the Adult World Competition. I am telling everyone to follow your passion and to get out and do it.

Sincerely, C

I am so grateful I did not go for the risky surgery

I have visited several Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists over the years, who brought at times some relief. To complicate my situation, two years ago, I discovered I had a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis.  This pain and resulting restriction of mobility forced me to seek medical help yet again. Unfortunately, I went through several thousand dollars and 5 other health care professionals; my GP, then Sports Medicine for orthotics, Podiatrist, Acupuncture and Reflexology which provided some short term relief, which did not last, nor solve my mobility problem. I really was ready to give up and accept that I would have to live like this, and take the pain meds my doctor wanted me to use. Thank God for the friend who urged me to just try a visit to Dr Irving.

So, it was only four months ago when I had my first visit to Dr Irving’s office. Where could I even start to describe all my pain and physical difficulties? I had severe foot pain & tingling in both feet and up and down my legs. I could not stand comfortably for more than a couple minutes in one place, as far as walking, I could endure 15–20 minutes on a good day. Xrays showed I had bone spurs and bulging discs in my spine, my neck and shoulder pain was bad and disturbed my sleep immensely.

Dr Irving studied my xrays and medical history carefully, and in his direct, positive and skillful manner set to work on my challenging injuries. I couldn’t believe how, even after the first adjustment & Decompression treatment, I felt a lot of relief in my feet and back. More Decompression, Adjustments and Shockwave therapy followed, along with direction in the appropriate follow up exercises. I really was rather doubtful that I could even do the exercises he advised, but after the treatments and Dr Irving’s positive encouragement I surprised myself.

It has been difficult to be brief with my story, as so much has happened in such a short time. Suffice it to say, I am so grateful I did not go for the risky surgery the Podiatrist offered, and am blessed to be treated by such a focused, gifted Doctor. I am now walking, jogging and swimming, standing for 30 minutes or more, able to be on my feet off and on all day.

Thank you Dr Irving!

Langley, BC.