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Nicholas Schwagele, Massage Therapy

Nick-headshotNicholas Schwagele graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) in August of 2016. After experiencing multiple injuries from contact sports, it piqued his interest in Massage Therapy. When feeling the long-term benefits, he decided that helping others with pain and limitations was a career he wanted to pursue. Nicholas has worked with high-level athletes including the BC Lions and Rugby 7 teams, continuing his passion for sports rehab and injury. A major component in Nicholas’ approach to treatment includes a thorough assessment and plan to ensure the best treatment.

Nicholas’ main goal is to help patients live an active healthy lifestyle. He is dedicated to assisting clients in an evidence-based, non-judgmental, and safe environment. Nicholas uses a mix of modalities including soft tissue release, stretching, rehabilitation, and patient education to help with injury as well as preventative measures.

Nicholas remains active in sports and enjoys football, weightlifting, hiking, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities. He believes that staying active helps his body and joints feel as optimal and healthy as possible, and he believes that “motion is lotion!” The more you move the better you will feel!


Nicholas Schwagele | (604) 888-1533