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Scoliosis FAQs

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If you or your child is experiencing scoliosis, you may have questions about what treatment involves at Langley Sports & Rehabilitation. We’re here to help you correct your spine’s alignment and relieve the pain associated with scoliosis, so you can change your life for the better.
Are the braces painful?

No, the braces used at our practice are comfortable to wear. Once your spine starts getting corrected, you’ll feel relief. Children may not be used to the feeling of wearing a brace at first, but once they don’t have to lean to one side anymore, they’ll feel more comfortable, too.

How long does a brace have to be worn?

Children wear braces to correct scoliosis until they’re finished growing. For adults, it’s a little different. You’ll wear your brace as long as you need it.

Will a child outgrow their brace?

With the ScoliBrace®, if your child grows more than 5-10 cm, we’ll need to create a new one to accommodate their growing body. If your child has the SpineCor® brace, we can modify and change the bands, rather than replacing it.

How often do I need to follow up after being fitted with a brace?

No matter which type of brace you’re using, we’ll create a specific exercise and rehabilitation program for you. You’ll work with our kinesiologist on a three- to six-month program that includes

  • Physiotherapy programs
  • Schroth-based exercises
  • Traction

You’ll see our chiropractors for a re-evaluation about every three months to make sure your brace is working for you, and your rehabilitation takes place a couple of times per week.

What is the cost of the braces?

The ScoliBrace®, the cost is $5000.

Do you have any more questions? Contact our office today and we’d be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

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