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ScoliBrace® in Langley

ScoliBrace ladyIf you’re looking for a more aggressive approach to correct your scoliosis, the ScoliBrace® may be a great option for you. This brace offers a true, three-dimensional correction by positioning your body and spine in an over-corrected or mirror image position at Langley Sports & Rehabilitation.

Customized to You

X-rays and three-dimensional scans are used to customize the brace to your exact measurements and unique needs. Computer-aided design software will create your brace, tailored to you. The ScoliBrace® is the only true corrective brace available in the world! Because scoliosis is a three-dimensional condition, the solution to your scoliosis should be, too.

Schedule Your Thorough Assessment

A comprehensive examination and evaluation will be performed on your  first appointment with us. From this information, we will be able to determine if the ScoliBrace® would be an effective option for you. We’ll combine your bracing with our in-depth rehabilitation program to correct your spinal curve.

Feel Your Alignment Change Quickly

The ScoliBrace® opens and closes at the front, so it’s simple to wear and take off without assistance. We find that our patients start to feel as if their spine is more aligned quickly, noticing a difference when they remove their brace. Many patterns and colors are available to personalize your brace. The cost of the ScoliBrace® is $5000.

Speak with us today to find out more about our options for treating scoliosis and many other health conditions!

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